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WEB Projects and Online Advertising

Here you will find an extract of the customers with self-developed or customized websites and online marketing activities. Smaller, temporary websites and inactive landing pages can be found at the end.

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Industry and Tradeing
Tube Clean GmbH

Tube Clean GmbH with branches in Europe and the USA produces components and systems in Australia to maintain industrial pipes and to clean them of dirt.

Web Tecnic:
HTML, HTML5, CSS ,Content Management Systems and OnlineShop
Bilder, Filme:
Flash Animationen, Films local over Youtube
Service Companies
Services Companies
Adult education, consultancy, sports, entertainment and politics
Web Technik:
HTML, HTML5, CSS ,PHP Scripts, Content Management Systems 
Images, Films:
Received and edited in Photoshop
Car tradeing and Maintanace
Construction and Traiding
Cinstruction- Maintanace 
Web Technic:
HTML, HTML5, CSS ,PHP Scripts, Content Management Systeme 
ImagesBilder, Films:
Received and edited by Photoshop
Temporary Websites and Projects
Webseiten und Projekte
Landingpages, Events, Temporäre Sites
Web Technik:
HTML, HTML5, CSS ,PHP Scripts, Content Management Systeme 
Bilder, Filme:
Angeliefert, bearbeitet im Photoshop


There are no longer any clear links because of limited projects or campaigns.

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